5 Ways how selling through Bonolo benefited a textile manufacturing company

Bonolo is a tool enabled with Artificial Intelligence that aims to make procurements simpler and efficient. Bonolo allows you the complete process from RFP, EOI, Revere auction at the click of a button. Bonolo helps you cut back the unnecessary expenses you make in your business. Following are the 5 reasons how selling through Bonolo benefited a leading textile manufacturer and exporter:

1) No biases in vendor selection 

The textile manufacturer felt that previously preferences of purchase team of any company lead to biases in the vendor selection due to which they had lost many contracts. So shifting to a procurement management solution was necessary for the organisation, Bonolo was their choice. Now every time they place a EOI, they don’t worry about being eliminated because of biases by the purchase team.  

2) Organized and Automated System  

Bonolo has a full automated system which simplifies the work how a seller like this textile manufacturer places a EOI, sends technical descriptions for the Bid and carry out the process of reverse auctioning. The well organized systematic execution of the process of selling makes sellers love Bonolo. 

3) Less Workforce Required 

With maximum of the work getting automated by Bonolo, the workload is reduced of the workforce and  the textile manufacturer could now use its workforce in other important business processes. Bonolo reduces your dependency on your workforce for managing how you sell to organizations. 

4) Cost Reduction

The maximum of the tasks for the bidding and reverse auctioning is managed by Bonolo, there is a cut in the costs incurred by the textile manufacturer. They have saved more than 25% on the overall cost of selling through reverse auctioning through Bonolo. 

5) Never miss out any RFP 

Bonolo notifies the seller every time a new RFP is uploaded on its platform. This way you never miss out any business. Bonolo makes sure you get a fair chance to submit your proposals for every RFP in its site.  

“We thank the Bonolo team for this platform that they have made selling so easy for all vendors like us. The capabilities of this solution is so huge and the team is present 24*7 for all our queries. We are really thankful to Bonolo” said one of CXOs of the leading textile manufacturer and exporter. 

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